Chris Finnie

Copywriter, Strategic Messaging

Chris_Finnie_1x1 Chris has been translating high tech for the rest of us for years. She has worked with The Hayden Group partners for as long as we can remember, bringing business benefits as well as technology depth to our clients’ communications. Chris wrote all of the messaging for us for the highly successful launch of Agilent's first product after its separation from HP. A lot of people can string words together. But not everybody can do it in a way that positions your company and your product. That communicates a meaningful benefit to your target audience. That drives sales. After more than 25 years in marketing, Chris is quick to understand new technologies, to get the competitive landscape, and to see business strategies as easily as marketing messages. She’s worked as a successful business manager and owner, and as an agency creative director. She understands business and what drives your customers. And has put that knowledge to work for clients from high-tech to biotech, in a wide range of technology fields. Chris attended UCLA and San Jose State University. She is a member of Women in Consulting.