Reach & Teach

March 7, 2017
Mimic Technology
January 20, 2017
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Reach & Teach

Reach and Teach sells unique products that transform you and the world. They offer books, toys, teacher resources and fair trade gifts for all ages.

Launch an online book and toy store that is focused on gender equality, sustainable living and peacemaking.

Worked with founders to position and name store. Created logo and branding elements. Created tagline. Also created ad templates.

Reach and Teach http://www.reachandteach is thriving. They have also opened a beautiful, successful brick and mortar store and community center in San Mateo, CA.

Product Detail
CLIENT: Online and brick and mortar book, toy and gift store focusing on peace, social justice and sustainability.
SKILL: Brand positioning, naming, logo and branding, tagline, event marketing, advertising
TAGS: Launch Product, Brand Positioning, Naming, Advertising, Peace and Social Justice, Sustainability, Retail