Have you ever completed a major marketing strategic project, presented the results, only to find out:

• The Sales VP does not agree
• The Founder just flew in and wants a do over
• A member of the Board has major marketing creds and hates the recommendations.

Ensuring consensus and ownership of all key organizational decision makers is the value of The Hayden Group’s Strategic Alignment Workshop. This is not a long “kumbaya” session that involves everyone in the company. Participants in this process should include anyone empowered to say "no.” The Hayden Group has been providing this workshop to clients for more than ten years:

• Med-device company launch: wanted strategically sound messaging for website and collateral.
• Product positioning: tech firm wanted to introduce lower-priced server without cannibalization.
• New product line: educational consulting firm launched consumer Algebra tutoring service.
• New product launch: versioned workshop for Cisco to facilitate more efficient product launches.

Nobody knows your company better than you do. The Hayden Group leverages your existing intellectual capital, identifies any critical gaps, mines insights and leads the team to consensus regarding the key elements of a positioning statement:

• What business are you in? How would you describe your business category?
• Who is your customer?
• What does your customer need?
• What can your company provide that your customer needs?
• What can your company provide, that your customer needs, better than your competition?

In the real world it is often difficult to be “better” in a meaningful, tangible way. And just saying, “We’re the best” really does not work—no matter how many times and different ways companies try to communicate this message. Instead a company’s “better” message might be:

• Pre-emptive – also true about your competitor but they are not claiming it.
• Emotional – be the more likable company in both brand and practice.
• Target a market niche –T-Mobile is the company for people who hate being ripped off.

The value of the workshop is in the process.

• Quick literature review of all key marketing documents including business plan
• Confidential interviews of all workshop participants
• Interactive workshop designed to mine insights and drive consensus
• Presentation of workshop deliverables/brand positioning recommendations
• Key customer segments required to meet revenue goals
• Customer segment descriptions and needs
• Identification of key strategic competitors
• SWOT analysis
• Mapping of your company’s differentiated strengths to target segment needs
• Hayden Group recommendations regarding brand positioning and personality

At the end of this workshop you will have the strategic building blocks to begin work on buyer personas, customer journey maps and messaging architectures.