If you have defined your customers, mapped your customers’ purchasing journey, completed analyses of key competitors, and established your brand or product positioning, you are ready to begin planning your marketing campaign. The Hayden Group can help with just strategic planning, working with your existing creative agencies; or we have resources for execution if your company prefers a complete solution from one agency.

Cross-Channel Campaigns

The Hayden Group team has worked for and with consumer, small business, enterprise and international companies. We have experience with retail, channel distributors and e-commerce. McKinsey offers the following insights regarding cross channel campaigns:

• Review all channel performance data in your customer purchase process.
• Determine the value of each channel and allocate your resources accordingly.
• Adjust marketing budget as you learn more about about channel performance.

Inbound Marketing

Research shows that your prospects are more than halfway through their purchase journey before they ever engage directly with your sales process. The Internet makes it easy for prospects to think they already know everything about your company and products. Your inbound marketing programs have to work harder than ever to ensure you are making the right brand impression at the beginning of your customer’s journey.